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Make-up & Permanent Makeup

Make up Services

We will make you shine in all occasions with simple touch.
(Day makeup, Evening makeup, Wedding makeup, Photoshoot or filming)

Permanent Make up (Cosmetic Tatoo)


Feathering Technique (Implant Technique)

We are using the latest Hair Stokes technique from New York – Which is the improved technique using a semi-permanent machine unlike any other technique in Australia.

This technique draws very fine, smooth and realistic individual eyebrow hair and eye line.

Compared to other Hair Strokes which only last 6month, our Feathering technique lasts for 1 to 1.5 years with maintaining the color as well.


All our colors are made by FDA laboratory scientist with FDA approved materials, making them safe to use. We have 30 different color swatches to choose from , or combine color to the best match to your skin tone .


Eyebrows are the focal point of the face. Sparse brows will appear fuller with several colors added to your existing brow hair. For those that do not have any brow hair, let us create the ‘perfect brow’ to complement your facial features. Brow pencil may be added to create dramatic evening effects. Sun block should always be worn on all procedural areas to maintain optimum color.


We can create a soft, subtle lash enhancement that will make your eyes sparkle. For a dramatic look, a ‘full eyeliner’ will enhance your eyes. Choose colors from a soft brown to the darkest of blacks

Lip Color

Let us create the perfect lip color for your specific skin tones. Choose color that will enhance your natural beautiful lips, to a more defined lip line or a soft muted color. Lipstick can be worn over your existing permanent color to create a new look.


MJ Career

  • Tinny Beauty permanent makeup artist diploma (USA)
  • 21c Grace Beauty line permanent makeup artist diploma
  • Australia hair & Beauty Diploma
  • Australia hair & Beauty certificate IV
  • Australia hair & Beauty certificate III
  • Color Application License
  • Personal Color Application Diploma
  • Color Laboratory Diploma
  • Subin makeup Diploma

Make-up done

Over 300 different feature film, TVC, and magazines including Samsung ,  LG , Hyundai , Toyota , Honda  and Levi’s etc.

Contact us   (Booking required)   ( (0435 767 755)

Please contact us by E-mail, text massage for your consultation or booking for consultation. We will be happy to discuss your particular questions and design a look that will be perfect for you


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